Module 11: Section 10.3

This module intended to be completed during the 11th week of class.

Overview: In this module, we will find the formulas for surface area and volume of common polyhedra.

Question of the Week: By the end of this module, you should be able to answer the following question:

Find the volume of a right prism of height 15 cm with a square base with side length 10cm.

To be completed:
1.  Read the related book material, watch videos, and read notes:  Section 10.3
2.  Homework – WebAssign: WA 10.3
– Written:  These sections are part of Chapter 10 written homework
3.  Lab – Complete Chapter 10 Lab: House Plans (Reflection Lab)
Answer to Question of the Week:
Volume = 2B + ph = 2(10*10)+40*15 = 200 + 600 = 800 cubic cm

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